The Ultimate Guide to Interview Management Systems and Top 10 Tools

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Published on: Apr 05, 2024, Updated on: Apr 05, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Interview Management Systems and Top 10 Tools

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Published on: June 10, 2024
Updated on: June 24, 2024

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Finding the right interview management software can be difficult, especially when you are working on a tight schedule. You’re looking for a way to streamline operations like interview scheduling, candidate monitoring, and screening while also competing for top talent. Unsure which tool will best meet your needs? Don’t worry. This blog will help you simplify the steps involved in choosing and save you time.

What is Interview Management Software? 

Interview Management software also known as interview scheduling software plays a crucial part in hiring and recruiting. It helps HR professionals to organize and coordinate interviews of the shortlisted candidates. By improving the interview process, this software helps reduce the workload of hiring managers, resulting in a smoother and more efficient hiring experience. 

Interview management systems can boost their efficiency and effectiveness by seamlessly integrating with application tracking software and harnessing the power of technology tools like chatbots and conversational AI. Automation plays a key role in alleviating administrative limitations and empowering hiring managers to develop more profound connections with candidates. As a result, companies experience heightened satisfaction levels, attributing faster and more effective candidate interactions to the improved capabilities of these systems.

12 Benefits of Interview Management System 

  1. Easy scheduling: One of the many advantages of having an interview management system is the ability to streamline the scheduling process. They provide calendar integration and automated notifications, recruiters can quickly schedule interviews, saving time and avoiding scheduling problems.
  2. Candidate experience: Offering candidates a seamless and fun experience is important for employer branding and attracting top talent. The Interview management system offers timely updates, seamless communication, and personalized interactions, improving the candidate experience.
  3. Improved quality of hire: Having a structured process to evaluate candidates, standardised evaluation helps recruiters make informed hiring decisions resulting in a higher quality of hire.
  4. Reporting and Analytics: They provide comprehensive reports and analytics tools to track recruitment efforts, interview performance, and hiring trends. These detailed insights help recruiters find areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions. 
  5. ATS Integration: This integration helps streamline the entire recruitment process under one roof, seamlessly transferring candidate data and interview feedback between systems.
  6. Automated Job Posting: With the help of in-build automation features, you can post multiple job postings across different platforms in just a few clicks. Helping recruiters expand the reach and visibility of job opportunities.
  7. Scalability: The system can take in multiple interviews at the peak of the hiring process or when an organization is running mass recruitment. It provides scalability to meet the changing demands.
  8. Centralized Candidate Data: It offers recruiters easy access to crucial information by centralizing candidate profiles, resumes, and applications on an accessible and secure platform.
  9. Saves Time: Automation features in IMS platforms help streamline administrative activities like interview scheduling, email follow-up and candidate engagement, making it possible for recruiters to focus more on strategic goals and acquisition efforts. 
  10. Assessment Tools: Comprehensive assessment tools include pre-employment tests, skill assessments, and behavioural evaluations, helping recruiters find the best fit for the role backed by data.
  11. Flexibility: Interview Management tools take into account the changing needs and preferences by allowing remote interviews, adapting to different time zones and providing flexibility in interview formats, resulting in a smooth and tailored experience for recruiters and candidates alike.
  12. Consistency in Interviews: Establishing uniform standards of process and questions guarantees fairness and consistency throughout all candidate interactions. Interview Management Software helps achieve this goal by providing interviewers’ templates, guidelines, and automated reminders, maintaining uniformity throughout the recruitment process.

Key features of an Interview Management System

An interview management system helps organize interviews efficiently. Automating the interview process improves the efficiency and effectiveness of both hiring managers and candidates. Let’s look at some key features of an interview management system. 

Application management: Effective candidate management is crucial for hiring managers. A comprehensive interview management system helps maintain order by accurately capturing candidate information and their recruitment progress. It also promotes teamwork among interviewers by enabling the sharing of candidate data and feedback across the hiring team.

Scheduling: Managing interview scheduling presents a substantial logistical challenge, especially when candidates are from different time zones. Good interview management software helps you simplify the interview scheduling process by allowing candidates to choose their preferred time slots, automatically arranging interviews, and sending out timely reminders.  

Online Interviews: It is a common practice across all modern interview management software to provide video conferencing options. This integration makes the process simpler for both interviewers and candidates, creating a seamless experience with just a few clicks. 

Post-interview Feedback: Automating feedback collection from both the interviewer and candidates is a key feature of an interview management system. This feedback process helps with valuable inputs to enhance the whole interview experience.

Analytics and Reports: The interview management system provides hiring managers with helpful insights. By assessing metrics like time-to-hire, candidate reports and conversion rates, these tools help recruiters improve the hiring process and make data-driven decisions.

How to choose interview management software?

In the search for the right Interview Management Software, an effective plan is required to ensure proper alignment with organizational goals and easy integration into the existing hiring process. Use this checklist to make sure you are selecting the best interview management software:

Checklist for Choosing an Interview Management Software

Choose User-friendly Platform- When selecting interview management software, ensure that it has a smooth transition and minimal training for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates. Choose a platform that is easy to use with clear designs and flexible workflows. 

Assess Your Needs- Conduct a detailed assessment of your organization’s specific needs and problems. Identify the key areas that you need to solve for your company and set defined goals you aim to achieve with the implementation of new software. 

Scheduling Flexibility- Prioritize software that provides strong scheduling features, allowing easy scheduling across different time zones and locations. Look for automated reminders, calendar integration and real-time availability tracking to improve schedule efficiency. 

Case Studies and Success Stories- Study and assess case studies and success stories of organizations that have successfully implemented the interview management software. Get an understanding of their experiences, problems and implementation to help make better decisions. 

Communication Features- Good communication is essential to the interview management process. Choose software systems that provide extensive communication tools like SMS reminders, automated email notifications, and candidate messaging capabilities that facilitate seamless contact and keep everyone informed during recruitment.

Data Security and Compliance-  Make sure that the interview management system meets the industry standards and requirements for data security, confidentiality and privacy. Pay attention to features like access limits, encryption, and GDPR compliance to protect sensitive candidate data. 

Top 10 Interview Management Platforms 


Smart Interviews by InterviewVector is a powerful tool designed to streamline your hiring process effortlessly. It enables recruiters to easily handle all aspects of interviews, from scheduling to assessment to final selection, by offering an integrated solution. With InterviewVector, you can effortlessly manage the entire recruitment lifecycle, ensuring the acquisition of top-tier talent. 


  • Automated Interview Scheduling
  • Efficient Candidate Progression
  • Personalized Communication
  • Feedback Capture
  • Multi-Platform Updates
  • Integration with ATS
  • Open Application Links


All-in-one interview scheduling solution, ideal for companies who do not already have an ATS. Jobvite streamlines your recruitment process by seamlessly combining an applicant tracking system (ATS) and a powerful interview calendar. With its Mobile Hiring Team App, you can increase your recruiting efficiency and improve your hiring processes.


  • Mobile Team Hiring App
  • Easy feedback capturing
  • AI-driven insights
  • Smart job recommendations
  • Real-time reporting


Calendly’s user-friendly interface simplifies automated scheduling sequences with just a few clicks. It is especially useful for IT recruiters who manage multi-step interviews because it allows for clear scheduling of various stages. In addition, its seamless integration with LinkedIn allows you to schedule events swiftly from LinkedIn Messenger, which automates candidate outreach.


  • Load balancing
  • ATS integrations
  • Complex scheduling
  • Analytics & reporting 
  • Interviewer management


Rooster is a specialized interview logistics tool designed to be used alongside Workday HCM (human capital management system). It interacts smoothly with Workday, providing full bidirectional synchronization and using AI to handle interview scheduling. For recruiters handling international hires, Rooster’s automatic translation tool supports 109 languages and ensures smooth communication across borders.


  • Actionable insights
  • Customizable templates
  • Auto language changes
  • Automated reminders


HireVue’s AI-driven conversational sequences on WhatsApp provide a smart alternative to chatbots tailored to your hiring needs. They also offer psychometric and game-based interviews, which can help improve your screening process. Smooth coding tests with auto-scoring make successful talent hunting possible, even for non-technical recruiting teams.


  • Interview builder
  • Game-based assessments
  • AI conversational bots
  • Coding interview library


Improve your hiring efficiency with GoodTime’s human-centric AI. Automate up to 90% of interview scheduling processes, according to every role, location, or size of the requirements for hiring.


  • Intelligent interviewer selection
  • Templated workflows
  • Team coordination
  • Automated feedback prompts
  • Training management

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Corp provides a cloud-based ATS. The software includes important features such as a user-friendly interface, customized dashboards, bulk communication with candidates via numerous channels, integration with social networking sites, and publishing to different job boards. Its automatable reports allow for surveying data collection and information sharing.


  • Source & Attract
  • Job advertising
  • Social Recruiting
  • Resume management
  • Background Screening
  • Hiring analytics


Experience the innovation of myInterview, a unique platform created to improve your recruitment process. This complete solution simplifies interview scheduling and further enhances candidate evaluation with its integrated video interviewing features.


  • Multi-language experience
  • Questionnaire options
  • Customized workflows
  • Automated short-listing
  • Live or pre-recorded video interviewing

Unnanu Hire

AI-powered recruiting automation for HR and TA leaders, which streamlines finding talent and management. From interview scheduling to onboarding, it effortlessly integrates the whole recruitment process. Benefit from live or pre-recorded video interviews, automated scheduling synced with your calendar, and real-time communication tools to keep the candidates informed of their progress.


  • Bulk email distribution
  • AI-Powered Resume Scoring
  • Unlimited job postings
  • Talent database
  • Search and filter
  • Calendar integration with Google and Microsoft. 



Paradox Conversational Scheduling simplifies numerous interview styles, from simple phone screens to complex multi-person, multi-location interviews, all in minutes. This efficient automation considerably decreases the time spent by recruiters and hiring managers.


  • Customizable reports
  • Background Screening
  • Easy monitoring and site management tools
  • Automated scheduling
  • Candidate tracking

Summing Up 

We believe this has given you a clear understanding of what interview management software offers. You’ll save hours every week by embracing modern interview management tools such as AI sourcing, automation, video interviews, and more, allowing you to focus on the more important components of your hiring process.   


  • What is a recruitment management system?

    The Recruitment Management System (RMS) automates and manages your organization’s recruiting and staffing processes. From posting job requirements to contacting and interacting with applicants throughout the hiring process. 



  • What is the interview process in HRM?

    Companies use an interview process to filter candidates from a bigger talent pool. It enables managers and company stakeholders to assess whether candidates are a suitable fit for their organization. The steps and requirements of this process differ according to the industry, position, and organization for which you are interviewing.

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