State of Tech Hiring in India 2024

India excels in engineering talent, boasting millions of skilled software engineers and a robust pool of graduates. This report aims to provide businesses with essential insights and expertise to navigate the Indian tech hiring landscape effectively.



No. of respondents:

350 Industry Leaders
across 200+ orgs. 


HR Leaders/ Talent
Acquisition professionals

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What’s Inside This Report?

An Overview

The report addresses the primary challenges that companies face when hiring tech talent in India, categorizing them into three broad groups: sourcing candidates, candidate assessments, and resolving post-hiring issues. It explores strategies to navigate India’s tech-hiring landscape, emphasizing leveraging platforms and modern assessment tools. It also highlights practical strategies that were discovered from survey respondents and provides insights into industry standards and compensation comparisons for attracting tech talent in India. 

What you will learn from this report?

Discover the most significant challenges encountered in tech recruitment in India 2023 and how to overcome them in 2024. Learn ways to leverage platforms and evaluation tools, and practical techniques to improve the recruitment procedure. Additionally, gain an understanding of compensation industry standards for hiring top tech talent in the Indian Market in 2024. This report equips with valuable knowledge to improve tech recruitment efforts.

Sneak Peak

The state of tech hiring in India in 2024 reflects a dynamic landscape marked by significant challenges and opportunities. This report has been put together by collecting primary data of 350 respondents from the HR Tech-Hiring domain and secondary data from various reading material and reports. 

With the rapid adoption of technology in recruitment processes, organizations are striving to streamline their hiring efforts and attract top-tier talent. However, several challenges persist across different stages of the recruitment process.


38% of organisations. struggle to source quality tech candidates 

28% of organisations lack awareness of tech/tools for optimal recruitment solutions

65% of candidates who accept the offer don’t join the company

80% of companies have reported interviewer bias

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