Giving Directions to your Interviews

We provide Interview as a service


Average Interviewer Cost per year



8 applicants per hire
Interview Rounds


4 rounds per applicant
Hours Consumed


Effective 2 hours per round
Interviewer Cost


$33.3 per hour

Estimated Assuming 12 hires per year


General Programming

Evaluate programming skills of candidates with our General programming tests that Support over 25 major programming languages.

Real-World Engineering Simulations

Evaluate candidates in all kinds of environments — from infrastructure management to database manipulation to your full stack environment.

Video Interviews

We conduct live technical interviews for backend and frontend via a structurised and transparent process. Standardized interviews help you create the scenarios and watch your candidates’ recorded answers on your time.

Take-Home Assignments

Tailored and professionally designed take-home assignments enable our partners to assess the candidate on technical levels ( quality of code, architecture and robustness of design, ease of execution and test coverage ) in the preliminary rounds.

Detailed Feedback

Our comprehensive feedback allows you to take a quick and informed decision by efficiently evaluating a candidate's performance. Covers skills not only technical but also non-tangible like concentration, communication and attention to detail.


What clients say about our services.

Vijay Aggarwal

CTO, BharatPe

"A word of appreciation for InterviewVector - Their interview service has been a game changer. I have been able to significantly scale my recruitment process. And also their pre-vetted sourced candidates have been up to the mark. Having a partnership with them has significantly improved my time-to-hire and reduced cost-to-hire on several key roles while my team has been able to focus on our core product development. Thank you InterviewVector and thanks Sachin!"

Mukesh Gupta

Engineering Lead, Syfe

"We closed our positions faster and in a cost-efficient manner. Their team was very responsive, flexible, and was able to customize the offering as per our requirement. If you're a startup and looking to speed up your hiring process, do give them a shot."

Anikendra Das Choudhury

Co-Founder, MyFab11

"Being a small startup firm, we have faced challenges in dedicating time along with our development cycle to interview the candidates who have been applying for our open positions. The rockstars at InterviewVector have helped us immensely in solving this problem by taking the 1st round of technical interviews and providing us the shortlisted candidates with detailed reports. The InterviewVector panel is among the best in the industry and highly effective in identifying the right technical talent. Also, the team which manages and schedules the interviews is excellent at their job. We would like to thank them for their interview services across different technologies and experience levels, making the hiring process very efficient for us."

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