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Experience the new powerful way of technical hiring by using On-demand Interview as a Service with InterviewVector. We help companies hire the right talent in shortest time possible, by conducting technical interviews on their behalf.

Auto-schedule interviews as per available slots by 460+ experts and receive detailed feedback within 2hrs. We are also your best partners for Campus hiring drives or if you want to scale the team rapidly. Save days in your hiring cycle and make sure you never miss out on good candidates.

We are the leading startup in India in Interview-as-a-Service market currently. Our quality is impeccable, timelines are precise and experience is excellent.

Whats more? We are constantly building new interesting products to improve your end-to-end hiring cycle.

Are your engineers spending more time in interviewing than actually building products? Is that costing your business growth and money in terms of expensive salaries? Now you can save their time and overall cost by letting the experts handle your hiring. We will save your cost by atleast ₹10k+/interview and time by 4+ hrs/interview.

You can now target 5x faster hiring pipeline with greater efficiency, quality and control. We have the capability to conduct 500+ interviews in a day, closing your hiring drives the same day. You can also configure and automate this entire process on our platform.

Our interview experts are trained to take the best quality interviews via our smart interviewing platform Pulse. We ensure a proper structure for each interview via our Digital Guides and make sure that the candidate feels comfortable during the discussion. We take candidate’s experience feedback after the interview and every negative feedback is properly reviewed by our auditors. You can also check out the Candidate Happiness Index on the Dashboard.

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